10 Reasons Why You Should Attend the ‘WIMBIZ’ Conference


WIMBIZ annual conference brings together all women in business to interact, educate and exchange ideas with one another. This fosters growth and further adds value to women by way of leadership, mentorship and sustainability of businesses run by women in Nigeria. So, we came up with some 10 reasons why you should attend the WIMBIZ Conference 2018 tagged “Unstoppable You”
To Discover/Understand Your Potential as a business
By way of mentorship, WIMBIZ provides an environment for interaction between new entrants and more experienced women in business. This helps to inspire young women in business by helping them dream big and understand what they can become if they never give up.
      2. To Navigate Your Goal
Leaders and mentors help protégés stay focused on their vision. This provides continuous cover to businesses against distractions on the way to their goal. It also helps to nurture young businesses and startups.

      3. To Optimize Your Skills
It provides the necessary environment, visibility and leverage for businesses to interact and sell their skills in order to add value to one another.

      4. To Exchange Helpful Ideas and Knowledge
It fosters an environment that enable businesses avoid possible roadblocks and pitfalls in business by way of knowledge sharing and idea exchange.

      5. To Encourage Businesses Facing Challenges
For businesses currently facing challenges, it provides a platform for words of advice and encouragement from captains of industry, on how to navigate through trying times in business.
      6. To Get Up Close
Get up close with the leaders and mentors, to learn personal attributes that help sustain them in business.
      7. To Acquire Leadership Qualities
To help acquire qualities that help you make positive impact in the economy both as a business and as an individual.
     8. To Elevate Your Profile
It provides the room to create awareness for your business thereby, raising your reputation in the business community.
     9. To Grow Strategic Alliances
It provides a platform that fosters the building of strategic alliances which brings about exposure to emerging opportunities that can be explored.
    10. To Learn
Come to learn new things with a mindset to expand your thinking.
For more information on registration please visit www.wimbiz.org