#16DaysOfActivism| Vice President Kamala Harris Appears Battered & Bruised In ‘Doctored’ Domestic Violence Campaign


Kamala Harris is being seen in a different light. The 57-year-old vice president’s bruised and bloody face has been plastered all over posters in Europe for a shocking campaign.

Showing her close-mouthed smile, Kamala can be seen with a black eye, a bruised cheekbone, and a bloody lip. Underneath her disturbing photo in big bold letters read the words: “She reported him.

Below those three powerful words is an even more upsetting message which reads, “But nobody believed her — But she was left alone — But she was not protected — But he was not stopped — But she was killed anyway.”

The campaign is to bring awareness to domestic violence in the most ghastly way possible. Kamala isn’t the only famous female in power on the doctored posters either.