2019 election: Stop insulting Kaduna Christians – CAN warns El-Rufai


The new-elected Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Kaduna State, Rev. John Joseph Hayab, has said that his leadership would no longer tolerate Kaduna State government’s excesses of insulting Christians and given Christianity bad names for cheap political gains.
The new chairman, who made the assertion in a statement in Kaduna Saturday, said he would not stop telling the governor of the state the truth if it means going to prison.
According to him, Christians in Kaduna state voted massively for El-Rufai during the 2015 elections, contrary to his recent statement that some people, Christians in a particular area or zone did not vote him.
According to him, “the Government of President Muhammadu Buhari has also subjected Nigerians to sufferings and poverty and that Nigerians deserve the right to vote the right and credible leadership for the country in 2019.”
“I will champion our members not to vote for a wicked leader. What I know about this country, no one can come and lie to me anymore and no one can intimidate me any more.”
“In CAN, we all belong to different political parties. But, we must be allowed to vote for good leaders instead of wicked leaders who would want to destroy our country. If your candidate is wrong, we will tell you.”
“CAN will remind government and its agencies that the principles of equity and fairness are not negotiable for the people of a just society, particularly in this Kaduna State, CAN needs understanding of all Christians to vote for credible leader,” he said.
“Time has come in this state that we must tell leaders that we are not ignorant. We were able to sustain peace in Kaduna for 9 years. From November 22, 2002, we never had crisis again, until November 2011 because of post election violence, so we were able to sustain it. And someone came out to say that even when we were working together that there was no peace. That person is a liar.”
“We will tell them the truth. I’ll not even mind going to jail if we would tell them that they have insulted and assaulted our own. I want them to know that they never came to power in 2015 on their own, we voted them to power.
“And if the Governor says we Christians never voted for him, he is a lair. Christians voted this government to power. Christians made him governor and because he is an ingrate or because there is no fear of God in him, and I have told him that face to face that we voted for him”.
His words: “I have always used Jama’a local government area as an example where total vote in 2015 was 82,000 votes, the party in power then got 39,000. No one should come out and start feeding people with lies, some of us know the truth.
“I can tell you people in power that at the time people are suffering in Nigeria, instead of winning people you are dividing people. Instigating Christians against Moslems. I know that I have a lot of Moslems in Kaduna State and they are not in support of this nonsense. People who are using divisive methods are doing it for themselves and not for Moslems,” he added.