2019 elections: Buhari’s supporters mere sycophants, Nigerians must retire APC – PDP senatorial candidate


The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Senatorial Candidate for the Ondo North Senatorial District, Olusegun Alonge has urged Nigerians to retire the All Progressives Congress, APC, led government with their votes in the forthcoming general elections.
Alonge, who emphasized that it is only the PDP that can right the wrongs of the APC, stated that within the spate of three years of governance, the people are now feeling the pains allegedly caused by the APC.
The PDP senatorial candidate, who stated this in Oke-Agbe Akoko in Akoko North West Area of Ondo State while canvassing for votes ahead of the February 16th polls, appealed to the people not to be induced against their conscience.
His words: “I urge you to desist from what happened about four years ago, where almost all the votes were bought. Those who engaged in vote buying used stolen funds to induce you.
“With this, no one would take you serious. They won’t construct roads, they won’t build schools for your children, since you’ve collected money.
“Now the time has come for you to vote your conscience and be liberated from the torment APC government under Buhari has subjected you to.
“There are no jobs for our youths anymore. The moment our children finish from school they return to their parents’ home. Imagine, the APC has not bothered to find solution to this. They only blame PDP for all their woes.”
He further maintained that if his party’s presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is elected president in February, the anomalies committed by APC would be corrected.
According to him, one of the priorities of Atiku would be to revitalize what he described as the country’s nosediving economy as well as maximum focus on the youth, who he said are the heartbeat of any nation serious about all-round development.
“Our presidential candidate, Atiku has however pledged to ensure that our youth are gainfully employed, unlike Buhari who called our youths lazy.
“The youths are the future of this country but it’s quite unfortunate that Buhari has done nothing for them.
“He promised three million jobs every year, but over 12 million jobs were lost instead, with the situation deteriorating the more.
“They even introduced traders money, let’s be honest with ourselves, what business can you do conveniently with N10, 000 in the present economy situation of this country.”
He also alleged that those supporting Buhari for re-election were merely doing so as sycophants.
“Buhari has failed woefully. The basic reason why those supporting Buhari are doing that is simply because they are trying to cover up the shady dealings that have been perpetrated by the APC.
“They lied about subsidy, when they got to the helms of affairs they changed their tunes about subsidy. Now we pay more for subsidy. This is pure fraud.
“By all means they are trying to force the CJN out of the system, the reason been that they already know the outcome of the election and they don’t want Onnoghen to decide the numerous case after the election. They know that he is a no nonsense man.
“They claimed to have purchased arms and ammunition for our soldiers but reverse is the situation at the war front with the Boko Haram insurgents as our gallant men die everyday due to lack of military hardware to confront Boko Haram. They have even refused to give them the honour of proper military burial they deserve.”