2023 Elections: NCC addresses fake news and network closures


The Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC has stated that it has become aware of what it considers to be false and misleading information that has been spreading on some social media sites and suggests that all telecom networks and pertinent ICT Units, including online transfer services for banks, are going to be shut down starting today, February 23, 2023.All members of the Nigerian public, those who use telecoms services, and all bank clients were urged by NCC to disregard any messages that suggested that the Nigerian telecom network had been purposefully shut down or that services had been interrupted.

“Fraudsters and other criminals created and are disseminating these harmful and subversive statements.

In a statement on Thursday, the commission claimed that among the populace.

The commission claimed that it has received unequivocal guarantees from all service providers that all network services are currently operating at peak efficiency and won’t experience any planned outages or disruptions, particularly during this crucial time leading up to the nation’s general elections.

The publication stated that as a result, “all users of telecommunications and banking services utilising network infrastructure are assured of continued optimal service delivery before, during, and after the general elections in Nigeria.”