4 year old boy born without hands inspires by using his leg to write. (Pictures)


A brave 4 year boy may have been born with no hands , but he is reaching for the sky.

Abdulahi ‘s entire life has been an exercise in adversity after he was born without hands but that hasn’t stopped the determined child addressing his disability with his resiliency.

Four year-old Abdulahi Umar was born without hands. He resisted attempts by his parents to carry him in a wheel barrow to beg for alms.

But rather insisted that he must go to school. With the assistance of Mrs. Habibat Abdulahi, head teacher of LGEA Central School Nasarawa, Abdulahi is now in nursery one.

Abdulahi can trace and do other assignments with pencil using his toes. Abdulahi is determined to disable his disability.

May Almighty God see him through his academy program..

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