4-year-old Suffers Paralysis after Lady allegedly Banged her head on the floor (photos + video)


A 4-year-old child is currently battling for her life after she was physically assaulted by a lady whom she lives with.

Ukan Kurugh who shared the story wrote;

Re: Could This Be Accident Or Wickedness?
Since November last year, Erdoo Luper Amo, four years old, has been on the hospital bed. The problem is that Mrs. Laadi Terhemba Amo, I am told got angry that the little girl wanted a break from the reading excercise she was having at home. She slapped her head, throwing her off balance, with her head, first on the hard floor – ceremics tiles.
Erdoo would then go into convulsion and to this date, but Erdoo’s forearms and head, her body system from the waist to the hind limbs are not moving. From the NAF Hospital Makurdi where she was first hospitalised, she is now on admission at Benue State University Teaching Hospital Makurdi (BSUTH).
Although the Governor was at the hospital, he did not enter Erdoo’s ward. Worse, the poor father had left the hospital in search of one of their needs.
Right now, they have discontinued the physiotherapy that was recommended, no medication, the required tests have not been carried because the father has run out of resources. Mrs. Laadi, in whose hands this sad incidence occured has abandoned Erdoo with his father.
This is the cahllenge. No physio for Erdoo, no drugs, the Akamu and Tea that is recommended for her is not there and she is simply just lying there on the hospital bed at BSUTH.
You wish to talk to her father? Call: 0806 529 4889. His daughter needs help.
Once again, I am counting on you friends to put a smile on her face.
These are my contact numbers: 08069082285
WhatsApp 09099467150
Ukan kurugh during his visit