5 reasons fashion enthusiasts need to get their PVCs


If you are a lover of fashion and everything stylish, getting a PVC and voting for the right candidate is pivotal.

It’s election season, and there are many reasons you need to get your PVC (permanent Voter’s Card) – even for reasons related to fashion.

Elections have consequences, and not voting for the right candidate can cramp your love for fashion.

Here are five reasons fashion enthusiasts need to get their PVCs;

  1. Jeans are now N15,000
    Who else has noticed how notoriously expensive jeans have gotten? It’s so bad that used or Okrika clothes are equally as expensive because the cost of importation has increased. If you care about getting affordable jeans, then get your PVC.
  2. Buying clothes in dollars is now difficult
    With the government making policies and limiting how much you can spend with your naira debit card to $20, those who love shopping online from foreign brands are now at a disadvantage.

The reason, if any, for limiting how much can be spent is entirely unreasonable.

  1. We need to encourage mass local clothing production
    One problem fashion houses face in Nigeria is the local production of clothing materials, lack of electricity, high cost of transport and many other issues.

A government that works on making Nigeria a thriving place for businesses is essential to making our clothing lines global.

  1. Foreign Direct Investment
    Nigeria needs more Foreign Direct Investment in the fashion industry, and more than that, we need to encourage companies to set up factories in Nigeria.

This will create more jobs and opportunities. For this to happen, we need to figure out the electricity and water problems we have.

  1. The police profile youths based on appearance
    Dreads do not make a young man a yahoo boy. In this present administration, End Sars officials profiled people based on dreads, tattoos, coloured hair and how they were dressed.

Their self-expression does not mean to make them a criminal.

We need a government that puts an end to police brutality and extortion of young honest people trying to make a living.

A society where criminals are apprehended, made to face the law and not given a pat on the back can only be possible when you get your PVC.