5G Will Help Address Nigeria’s Security Challenges – Pantami


Minister of communications and digital economy, Isa Pantami has said that deployment of 5G technology in the country will help address security challenges in the country.

Speaking at the auction of the 3.5 GHz spectrum organised by the Nigerian Communications Commission in Abuja on Monday December 13, Pantami stated that 5G has no adverse effect and this has been confirmed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and International Telecommunication Union.

The Minister said;

“We feel that if 5G is utilized effectively by our security institutions, it will go a long way in addressing many security challenges we have in Nigeria. Firstly, there are many benefits of 5G over 4G, 3G, and even 2G, particularly the mutual authentification of its network and because its network is encrypted.

“So this will provide an avenue for our security institutions to leverage on the technology and deploy many emerging technologies in the country to handle security challenges we are being confronted with.

“Today, if you want to address things like insecurity, you’ll need things like robotics, artificial intelligence, data analytics. All these emerging technologies cannot be deployed effectively without 5G because 5G gives you real time communication. With this real time communication, all these gadgets can be deployed and utilised effectively to handle security challenges and this is the approach globally.

“At the top of our agenda to support 5G deployment is to support our security institutions to provide a network so that they will leverage on and address the security challenges head-on.”