6 steps to end vote buying and selling – Shehu Sani


Federal lawmaker Shehu Sani has advocated six(6) steps to end vote buying and selling in Nigeria.The All Progressives Congress(APC) senator speaking via twitter on Friday evening listed the six steps as:According to Sani, ending poverty, tracking campaign finance and prosecuting ‘big offenders’ are steps that should be taken, if vote buying should come to an end.He also said establish election offenses and other related crimes, as one of the steps to that should be taken to end vote buying and selling. Apart from these, sensitising the masses, advocating against ‘material politics’ were also listed by the senator .Lastly, he added that whistleblowing policy and remuneration would also help to stamp out vote buying and selling.Here’s what he wrote:

Six steps to end vote buying and selling:End poverty,track campaign finance,prosecute ‘Big offenders’,Establish Election Offenses and other Related Crime commision,Mass sensitization and advocacy against ‘material politics’, and Introduce whistle blower remuneration policy.
— Senator Shehu Sani (@ShehuSani) September 28, 2018