A president with this appalling record can never be re-elected -Atiku


Phrank Shaibu, special assistant on communication to Atiku Abubakar, presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), says President Muhammadu Buhari will lose the forthcoming presidential poll because Nigerians are hungry and jobless.
In a statement on Sunday, Shaibu said over a hundred million Nigerians can not afford a decent meal per day.
He said there is no where in the world that a president with “this appalling record” would be reelected.
“The truth is that, there is no country in the world where a president with this appalling record could ever be re-elected,” he said.
“Over 100 million Nigerians cannot afford even one decent meal a day, yet their president is seeking reelection. The world powers as well as Nigerians also have intelligence that Buhari will decisively lose the elections since the people are angry because they are hungry and have no jobs.”
Shuaibu said no amount of rigging that would keep Buhari in office.
“There is no level of rigging that this vile government could ever do to overturn the millions of Nigerians who will turn up at the polls to vote him out,” he said.
“We ask our dearest young population who got a job under Buhari in the last four years, to vote for Buhari.  But all those who lost their jobs and whose relations lost their jobs and businesses to his maladministration to please come out in large numbers to elect Atiku Abubabar who is a harbinger of job creation.”
The aide said the inner circle of the president are unhappy with the concerns the US, UK and EU raised over the suspension of Walter Onnoghen as chief justice of Nigeria (CJN).
“Buhari’s cabal is unhappy with the statements from the US, the British and the EU because they know that these world powers have agreed  to re-route their latest and most technologically sophisticated spy sattelites including the NAOL-47 satellite to provide comprehensive coverage over Nigeria on February 16,” he said.
“The photographs these satellites will deliver can not only show someone reading a newspaper but also which newspaper they are reading.”