Acting alone won’t let you purchase a home, Angela Okorie drags her female colleagues.


Angela Okorie, a well-known Nollywood actress, has warned her female colleagues to quit claiming that their extravagant lifestyles are solely the result of performing.

Angela detailed the prevalence of up-and-coming actresses flaunting houses and attributing their pricey possessions to the industry after only appearing in five films.

The actress mentioned that many of her colleagues have additional side jobs to pay for their opulent lifestyles in an interview with Factory 78.

It’s not as if men aren’t making it, she continued, but people have to stop lying about how much money women make compared to men. They should all quit lying, all of these women. You’ve only been in Nollywood for a short time.

You’ll show up and tell everyone you just acquired a house while lying. Please let me know what funds you used to purchase the home.

“And you’ll let them know they’re paying you, too. Oga, you don’t make more money than I do. You haven’t even completed up to ten movies, last I saw. Considering that you have only completed five visuals and claim to have purchased a home, how do you wish to compare yourself to someone who has completed more than 200 visuals? Simply put, you two should stop lying.

“You can’t claim that the funding for your home purchase came from the film industry. If you are engaged in any activity for the purpose of making money,you should say it.