Anita Joseph showers mother-in-law with accolades for birthing hubby


Nigerian actress, Anita Joseph won’t stop talking about how she is enjoying her marriage to MC Fish, her showbiz husband. Whether she is throwing jabs at him on social media or she is splashing her timeline with pictures of both of them, she won’t just stop talking about her husband, who she is madly in love with.

In a recent Instagram video, accompanied with a post, Anita Joseph celebrated her mother-in-law. According to her, ‘giving me a good man.’

“This is the woman who gave me a good man ! The woman whom God has used to bless me…Mother In-law as people call but I call mine mother in-love. Mummy I pray and promise to always love you and never leave your side. Thank you for loving me even though MC Fish is jealous. I’m married to the most amazing family.Wait till you see my father in-love.” She posted.

Anita Joseph and MC Fish met in 2017, according to Anita in past posts, and they officially got married on February 14, 2020.

Ever since she got married, similar to any newly wedded woman, Anita Joseph has not been able to hide her joy from her fans, as she continues to update them about their union, even on controversial matters.