Cpl Lagbaja Tanmola

Nigerian Army,

Theater Command,

Borno State.

19 February 2020

Muhammadu Buhari GCFR

President, Commander-in-Chief of the

Armed Forces of Federal Republic of Nigeria.




Mr President Sir, with pains in my heart, I wish to draw your attention to the misappropriation of Armed forces budget, no doubt that in recent times that you and your winning team have been working tirelessly to ensure that all the security challenges in Nigeria is resolve and one of the major player to this goal is the Armed Forces. Mr President, you realized that if we must win the war against insecurity then there is need to take care of the welfare of the Armed Forces and you approved the Manual of Financial Administration (MAFA) for the Armed Forces of Nigeria 2017. MAFA document was signed by the President in January 2018 with the aim to improve the performance and troop’s welfare.

The MAFA was threw aside since 2018 not until a whistle blower by the Twitter handle @ millisaint blew hot in December 2019 and only for the DHQ to issued a statement claiming that the whistle blower was wrong that the MAFA document has not been activated and therefore yet to be implemented. DHQ further stated that the provision of MAFA document is billed to be operational in year 2020. Finally in January 2020 MAFA kicked off because no more way to hide.

It will interest you sir that the MAFA document was only partially implemented. The Service Chiefs agreed not to implement the MAFA document fully, they set a joint Technical Committee comprises of the 3 services and reviewed majority of the allowances downward meanwhile all these money has been included in the Budget. For instance, Scares skill allowance (Combat Duty allowance) recently paid to troops, (Private to Corporal Soldiers) were paid #20,000.00 instead of #100,000.00 flat rate. While others like Operation Allowance MAFA approved #5,000.00 daily, it was reviewed also downward to #2,500 daily which is yet to be paid. Rather, only #1,500.00 was paid to troops for January 2020 operation Allowance. Likewise, approved Ration Cash Allowance by MAFA document is #2000 daily this was also reviewed downward by the service chiefs to #1,200.00.

Sir, I only mentioned these few aspect of the MAFA document above to enable you understand the nature of the embezzlement ongoing in the Armed Forces and the question that bubbles in my mind is why are the service chiefs going against your good wish for the Armed forces? Are they trying to sabotage your efforts in trying to improve the performance and welfare of the troops? Are they trying to cause hatred to your administration? Did you do bad in putting them in position to do the job of the service chiefs? Why will the president approved the content of MAFA document and signed by himself and now they are going against it? Why is money released to the Armed forces in the budget for troops and they refused to implement? If the president is aware of this development why is he not taking action? All these questions and many more needed to be answered

IPPIS have the good will to implement the directive of the President but the Military Finance and service Chiefs are causing confusion. The service chiefs on one hand refused to allow IPPIS to fully implement the monthly salary and allowance of their troops. By right all allowance with regular nature like the scare skill allowance is a monthly payment and should be paid by the IPPIS and not Military Finance. On the other hand, the recent confusion being experience by the IPPIS could be attributed to the misinformation given to IPPIS by the Military Finance, most especially the Army Finance, they are confusing IPPIS with figures because of the nature of Army Finance that pays Personnel monthly salaries with things like Courses attended, rank, steps and so on that is why you will see Army personnel with the same rank but different salaries. It is because the IPPIS depend on the MILIARY Finace for such data that was why they gave the confusion so that nobody will be talking about other monthly allowance. Many Army personnel were short paid for January 2020 and IPPIS are yet to refund. All these has made many Army personnel not to even know what is their really salary because since IPPIS started they have been short paid. This is causing bitterness among the personnel.

My plea to you sir, please ensued Armed Forces implement the MAFA document in full and monthly payment and allowance should be handed over to IPPIS while the Military Finance should continue with payment of allowance that are periodic in nature such as RCA, DTA and LTand T among others.

Please Nigerian Media help share this letter until it get to President no Muhammadu Buhari. Thanks for your usual cooperation.

Cpl Lagbaja Tanmola

19 February 2020