Bachelor’s degree Certificate in Teaching Young Children


The early years of childhood are a crucial period in the process of societal transformation. Children require relational instruction that places a focus on social concerns that are pertinent to both their setting and the communities in which they live in order for them to develop into active, contributing citizens. According to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF), Australia’s Education and Care Services National Law, and the National Quality Framework, early childhood educators in Australia have a responsibility to value and promote a greater understanding of the ways in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people know and are in the world.

The concept of sustainability is important for all communities, both on a regional and a worldwide scale. Children who are able to comprehend and participate in sustainable practises are afforded the opportunity to cultivate meaningful connections with the local environments in which they live, including the waterways, landforms, plants, animals, and insects that share the world with them. Early childhood educators who are aware of the need of fostering these connections are better able to develop learning and teaching opportunities that are responsive to societal challenges and help contribute to having a positive and meaningful impact on the world.

The Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching provides the necessary qualification for registration to teach in early childhood settings from birth to age five. The program’s primary focus is on learning and instruction for children between the ages of birth and eight years old.

The online course, which is being provided by the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE), is a radical rethinking of how we come to become, belong, and be as teachers in the context of our relationship with Country and Indigenous Worldviews. It is being taught by scholars who are internationally recognised for their work.

You will be equipped to cultivate a learning environment that values and encourages inclusivity, respect, and sustainability for the development of all children by putting an emphasis on indigenous worldviews and sustainability, which will be the subject of this course. You will be able to provide children with meaningful educational experiences that have a beneficial impact on their communities and themselves if you successfully complete this course.

The Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority has granted the Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching their seal of approval as an internationally recognised qualification (ACECQA). Graduates are eligible to apply for registration in order to work in early childhood education and care settings in Australia with children between the ages of birth and five years old. Those who graduate are also qualified to submit an application to the Victorian Institute of Teaching for registration as early childhood educators (VIT).

The programme can be finished in one year if it is attended full time or in two years if it is attended part time, and it comprises a total of sixty days spent in a variety of placements. It also helps towards continuing professional development (CPD).
Who exactly should take this class?

Early childhood educators who want to advance into leadership roles within early childhood settings, as well as those who want to change careers to join the early childhood workforce, will find the Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching to be an ideal way to upgrade their qualifications and advance their careers in the field.

In order to enrol in the class, you must either hold a bachelor’s degree or a diploma in addition to having relevant job experience in a leadership position within an early childhood setting (such as an Activity Group Leader, Head Teacher, Educational Leader, or Group Leader, for example). The University of Melbourne recognises prior learning in the form of a diploma in addition to relevant work experience as an acceptable admissions pathway for students seeking this qualification.
Why should you pick the Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching offered by the University of Melbourne?

The University of Melbourne has a very solid reputation for education and a high ranking for how employable its graduates are, both of which contribute to the university’s global prominence. While 96% of our graduates find jobs within the first four months after graduating, MGSE has been ranked as the number one business school in Australia and the 12th business school in the world.

The evidence-based research that drives our teaching degrees is matched with a strong emphasis on bridging the gap between theory and practise. You can be confident that you will graduate fully equipped to teach early childhood if you complete the Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching offered through MGSE. Additionally, you will be in a strong position to find employment after completing this programme.