#BBNaija /“Dear kiddwaya, I know you won’t see this but I’m deeply in love with you”-Facebook user writes love letter to BBNaija housemate KiDDWaya !


A Facebook user with the handle Becky Stephen has written a love letter to KiDDWaya ,BBNaija housemate . The letter was posted on her Facebook page for Nigerians to read . Please read it below !

Dear kiddwaya, I know you won’t see this but I just want to let you know that I’m deeply in love with you 🍓🌻🧡 like I can’t get my eyes off you

Hey baby
I have been having sleepless nights. In the day as well I think only about you. It is like you have taken over my mind and have formed your kingdom here. Nothing else seems to give me peace like your face. Your voice, your charm and your humbleness is all that I need to go on with my life. I can’t stay away from you any longer my dear. Life without you is like food without salt. You are important to me. I need you to be there for me and guide me always. I always want to be there for you as well. I want to be the reason you smile and the reason you are happy to wake up in the morning. I promise to always take care of me. Please say that you will be mine and I promise you my love forever.
Hoping to be yours,

Every day I wake up to turn on my TV just to see your cute face 🌻🧡💛 your smile brighten my day, wow I have never felt inlove with any bbn male before, kiddwaya my true love 💙💞💝my one and only lover, my dream husband, the future father of my kids, choosing and loving you even when you don’t know me is the best and greatest happiness so far 👄and I believe one day you will see this message and you know that there’s someone outside that loves you soo much🍓💞💙💝💋🌼

Words are not really enough to express love in life. I want to write a thousand words for you because I truly love you. Reason would not be enough to express what you really mean to me. Baby! You are and will always stay a top priority in my life. Boy! I love you a lot and I mean it from my heart.🌼💞🍓🌻

Seeing you on national TV, was the biggest things this year has offered to me, a different definition of a man…… A prove that good men still exists…… A sweet soul💙💗 filled love 💖 life and possibility I heart you kiddy💗💙

Hey my love ❤️ your my favorite housemates, words can’t express it all 👄💕I love you soooo fucking much, I love everything about you from your head to your toe, my heart skips when I see your angelic face💋

How can someone be so good in life, it is your goodness that makes me crazy for you. You are so selfless and you always keep thinking about me. You are so you and that is why I love you. You do not have any fakeness in your role; you are way too perfect in everything that you do, I do not remember since when I love you
I know for sure that my love is true
love a feeling only for you💕💙