#BBNaija2020 : What is Kiddwaya’s crime?


By Aondowase Agabi

After the Day 41 super hero night party, things went down the Big Brother Naija Lockdown House that literary lockdown twitter. Kiddwaya went top on the trending ladder, Erica followed and Nengi, the principal actors in the plot.

But the start acts were Kiddwaya and Erica, the two love birds obviously had negative energy that threatened their relationship. Whilst Kiddwaya thought her involvement with Dorothy and Nengi was just fun without emotions, Erica received the vibe differently. She felt Kiddwaya was disrespectful to their relationship and had no regard for her, an reasoning Kiddwaya couldn’t process.

Kiddwaya tried to explain she was just letting out too much emotions but Erica wouldn’t have any of that. Well, emotions ran high, some frank talks happened between Kiddwaya and Erica, hearts were broken but it does appear they’ve steered out of turbulent waters. The ‘couple’. no doubt, have brought first class entertainment and added no mean value to the Big Brother Naija Lockdown 2020. Picking the duo weren’t a mistake after all the organisers’ would agree.

Some twitter users and avid followers of the show said if Kiddwaya and Erica broke up, they were done with the show as BBNKiddwaya and BBNErica were the reasons they watched. Well, but they seem to forget one fact – the show is individual and not a tag team.

Again, some commentators have said Kiddwaya didn’t treat Erica right. But others took to his defense saying Erica had said severally times, including telling Big Brother she wasn’t really deep into Kiddwaya She lied I guess. A few tweets caught my fancy and id share those.

A.F.O.L.A.B.I @olatunde3 twitted: “Honestly you all should stop blaming KiDD, Erica kept deceiving herself that it’s just physical attraction for her and Kidd that they are just friends and having fun, Now her emotions are doing her anyhow. She’s so jealous and does not want to see any woman with Kidd.”

Niyi @LAFaG also twitted: “What’s all this talk abt Kidd being a bad boy? What exactly has he done that makes him bad? Does being wanted by ladies mk U a bad boy? The broad always undermined the guy by telling pple they’re not in a relationship and he was available. Wat has Kidd done wrong here exactly.”

Castro also twitting at @itzhamilton said : “Kidd didn’t even do anything wrong. In my own opinion, Erica has trust issues and she needs to deal with it and stop crying every time.”

Mr Cole @Kellysome4real made profound comment. He twitted: “Why is she crying? She was the one that defined what they’re having per when Ebuka asked. So why the unnecessary catching of feelings?… For Kidd they’re just having fun.”

WINIFRED @imade had this to tell Ebuka. “Pls @Ebuka #BBNaija don’t ask anything about what’s going on between Kidd, Nengi and Erica. This is the content we paid for…..we want drama pls leave them alone for now. It’s interesting.”