Benue Catholic priest Fr Sam Tumba shares his experience with Covid-19 .


Am compelled to write with utmost worry the level of death’s witnessed towards the end of last year stretching to this time of the year.Pained because these are people in their prime to add value to the economic growth of their country and indeed contribute meaningfully to their respective communities in different ways.
What is the cause of death,the answers are usually same “brief illness”.In these days of Covid we are taking for granted that many of these deaths are Covid related even with the symptoms the deceased may have complained shortly before their demise.
As family members and friends we are quick to dispelling the mere mention of Covid as a possible sign of ailment.
An example will suffice here.I took ill with loss of smell and other symptoms and decided i would go have a Covid test. Almost all my friends and the people I mentioned this to laughed at me and said Fr.Sam it is not Covid,you are only stressed just go and take some days off and rest. I quietly called a friend to send a driver to come take me to a place where i could do a Covid test,and they asked whether i was travelling abroad and I said no, just for my personal health records. Took the test on 8th Feb.and the following day 5:AM the results returned positive. By 7:AM a parishioner of mine had placed a call telling me they have seen my name that morning and were wondering whether am the person, I told her I was about calling her too.
They promptly sent Doctors to come see me,but i ended up at the Thisday Dome isolation centre and commenced treatment and still ended up on oxygen for days.
My experience was horrible and I will say I died and I came back to life.
Am back home but still isolated because another test returned positive showing that the dead Virus is still in my blood stream and will clear with time according to medical care givers.Will be going for another test soon and checks.
Sharing my story so that our been proactive can avoid many of these impending deaths most painfully Covid related.
We can’t continue to live in denial that there is no Covid. Am still pained because there are propagandist theories misleading people about Covid even with the use of sanitizers and masks.
Let us go in haste to seek medical care nd advice from experts in hospitals when we feel sick,because it might be late as my story would have ended.
We can be advocates of “please go to hospital and check yourself” and that will mean a lot.
It’s more painful supposed elites are turning to illiterates in our behaviour and utterances on sensitive matters bordering on health.
I hope my story this afternoon make sense small.