Booing and Cheering is the beauty of democracy. Even Trump and May have gotten their fair share of it ' – Read twitter reactions to yesterdays drama at Nass.


The social space was awash with reactions to the 2019 budget presentation of President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday.
While addressing a joint session of the national assembly during the budget presentation, some lawmakers booed him.
Buhari cautioned the legislators but they refused and the voices of those opposed to the president were louder than those of his loyalists.
Here are some Twitter reactions to the incident.

Professor Muhammadu Buhari’s presentation of #Budget2019 was simply PHENOMENAL…That’s my President!#NextLevelBudget
— Jack Obinyan-Buhari (@JackObinyan) December 19, 2018

If our leaders insist on acting like unruly students, then disciplinary actions should be taken against them like unruly student. They totally disrupted the process. What alternative is the opposition offering with this noise? They can’t even fight intelligently.#Budget2019
— Orebamz (@orebamz) December 19, 2018

What’s honorable about our honorables? Think 🤔 about this. #Budget2019
— Vote wisely (@xtanlea) December 19, 2018

The Nigerian Senate has turned to season film. Are all these people really leader or ladder? No diff. btw National Assembly and garage. #Budget2019.
— Kunle Adebayo (@AA_kunleola) December 19, 2018

By *Nigerians* you mean the senators? I don’t regard them as real Nigerians, they are booing him for their selfish ambitions and not for the good of the common Nigerian
— Ben felt sory4 U and (@ubong___umoh) December 19, 2018

Believe in yourself @MBuhari you can still come back again to present #Budget2020 like the way you had presented #Budget2019 today.
— Adebowale (@Adebowale2580) December 19, 2018

Presenting a budget less than two months to general elections to an opposition led NASS. Of course, only a man of impeccable character and guts can do that. #NextLevelBudget#Budget2019
— Bashir Ahmad (@BashirAhmaad) December 19, 2018

How undistinguished the distinguished are?#Budget2019
— Khalid Husain 🇳🇬 (@Mr_Abdulkhaliq) December 19, 2018

Buhari: Pls, stop booing me, you are on international TV …
National Assembly
— Dennis O. Adesanoye (@stdennis02) December 19, 2018

Not we even the traditional closing remarks from NASS leadership after presentation of #Budget2019#NextLevelBudget.
— AMT🇳🇬 (@AMTanimu) December 19, 2018

With the reception given to the President at the NASS, one can conclude that it’s leadership will work towards the failure of the #Budget2019
— : (@borie_nla) December 19, 2018

Booing and Cheering is the beauty of democracy. Even Trump and May have gotten their fair share of it #Budget2019
— Duru Chibuzor eric (@DuruchibuzorE) December 19, 2018

Representation is neither about chanting “sai Buhari ” nor booing the president but about ensuring the people of your constituency get the dividends of democracy. Most of those who hailed or booed the president today have nothing to show in their constituents #Budget2019
— Gbolahan Lawanson (@BGLawanson) December 19, 2018

Nigeria is in dire need of responsible leaders with dignity and respect for themselves, their office and to one another. #Budget2019
— Edward Enejoh (@EdwardEnejoh) December 19, 2018

The drama that played out during the joint-sitting for #Budget2019 presentation by PMB, only reinforces my belief that most members of the @nassnigeria are more interested in their own self-survival & political affiliations than they’re about the national interest.
— Daniel (@ayoadaniel) December 19, 2018

What happened today at National Assembly between the pro-Buhari and anti-Buhari legislators is shameful and an utter disrespect of Nigerians. Our democracy still have a long way to go. #Budget2019#NextLevelBudget
— Khalid Husain 🇳🇬 (@Mr_Abdulkhaliq) December 19, 2018

We shouldn’t focus mainly on the Presidency and governorship election in 2019, we should also make sure that only sensible people are elected and returned to the National Assembly #Budget2019
— Your Village People (@Onyema_Donald) December 19, 2018

You present the 2019 budhet in 2018 but it will not be passed until June 2019. #Budget2019
— Dream In Colors (@Tobiloba_O) December 19, 2018

This is quite irresponsible and an international embarrassment. The President is speaking and a senator is saying lies!@dino_melaye lacks good home upbringing! #Budget2019
— Auwal Ya’u, Esq.,APD (@Gumelesq03) December 19, 2018

May I appeal to the “honorable” members that the world is watching us, and we are SUPPOSED to be above this……#PMB👏👏👏👏
— Taiwo_Ajakaye (@dmightyangel) December 19, 2018

I’m just in love with this picture by
— DECEMBER 20TH (@ayotundee_) December 19, 2018

It was truly depressing watching the budget presentation.we should probably screen(Mental,physical, intellectual) everyone contesting for a seat. #Budget2019
— Salted Caramel (@therealnafisat) December 19, 2018

Earlier missed the budget presentation by PMB and watching a replay now, I must say most of these people lack home training #Budget2019 #nextlevel2019
— Ameena Gaji (@Meeegaj) December 19, 2018

@nassnigeria If you all couldn’t respect mr President, at least respect his office. Opposition is not madness @bukolasaraki#Budget2019
— Kris (@Krismali88) December 19, 2018