Breaking News ! Lagos Lawmaker Tunde Braimoh is dead !


The lawmaker representing Kosofe Constituency 1 at the Lagos State House of Assembly is dead, our Correspondent can reliably report

Before his death, Hon Braimoh who headed the committee on Information in the House of Assembly, was 2 times Chairman of Kosofe Local Government Area.

On June 16, 2020, Tunde Braimoh had written a poem to celebrate the death of Senator Bayo Osinowo who died recently also from Kosofe LGA.

”Life is a conundrum

A mirage and a puzzle

A concomitance of the strange and the mysterious

Sometimes comes with so much joy

Sometimes with so much sadness

What a world of absurdity ?

#a world of vanity !

But in all, we remain thankful.

May God have mercy on us

Halt the torrents of sadness

And grant us enduring joy.

May God grant my dearest Leader and senior brother ; Senator Bayo Osinowo eternal peace”

Big Daddy has fondly called by his admirers last post on Facebook on June 26, 2020, was about his visit to the Min of Physical Planning and Urban Development -organized parley on the dualization of Demurin Road , Agidi road, a community under his constituency.

Honourable Tunde Braimoh last interview on June 26, 2020

Where he wrote “ …. Government is social engineering.

A persistent and consistent process of articulating , evaluating and aggregating issues and Marshaling them such that the greatest happiness goes to the greatest number.

”Life is about conflicts and challenges. The longer we live , the more challenged we are. However , in any challenge lies opportunity. The most important panacea to conflicts is communication “

He’s a third term legislator in the State House of Assembly.

May his soul rest in peace.