#BreakTheBias| Bride terminates job given to a female photographer because she is a widow .


A lady about to wed few days ago in Benue State canceled a contract she gave to a female photographer because the photographer is widowed .

The photographer who is known on Facebook as Voguephotography dropped the touching post on her Facebook timeline , she said

“I got this message as early as 5am from the bride am suppose to cover her traditional marriage today. just when I was preparing to pack my stuff to go and shoot this wedding.

The message dropped

It’s not my fault I lost my spouse to death

It’s not my fault that life happened to me

It’s not my fault and I don’t get to choose what happen to me it can happen to anyone, everyone and even you.

Death is part of this world, even though we find it difficult accepting it when it comes knocking

After reading this I was bitter and very angry but I drank some cold water and went back to bed. I deliberately refuse to let it get to me. Bcs shit happens and this is one of it .

Until it happens to them,some people will never understand.

How can we break the bias ?

If you like to reach out to Comfort the photographer you can contact me 07037785560