Buhari disagrees with APC, say aggrieved member have the right to go to court


President Muhammadu Buhari has said he disagrees with party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), for saying aggrieved members cannot go to court.
In a statement by the President on Monday, the stand by the party to penalize aggrieved members who go to court, is totally unacceptable.
Buhari, said that it would be wrong to deny members, who feel dissatisfied with the way the party primaries were conduct, have the right to seek redress in court. According to the president, the court should be the last red always, for anyone aggrieved.
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I disagree with the position of our party forbidding aggrieved members from taking the party to court, and threatening to penalize those who do.
We cannot deliberately deny people of their rights. We agreed that party primaries should be conducted either through direct, indirect or consensus methods, and if anyone feels unjustly treated in the process, such a person can go to court.
The court should always be the last resort for the dissatisfied. For the party to outlaw the court process is not acceptable to me.