Buhari Can End Insurgency Before He Leaves Office – Femi Adesina


Presidential spokesperson, Femi Adesina has said that his principal Muhammadu Buhari can end insurgency before he leaves office in 2023.

Adesina who said this in an interview on Channels Television, expressed hope of those behind insurgency in the country being taken out.

He said;

“Nothing is impossible.

“I always refer to the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka. That rebellion lasted for 28 years. But one day, the mastermind of that rebellion was taken out and that was the automatic ending of it.

“Those who are behind this insurgency will be taken out. They are being taken out one after the other and it will get to a point that the last of them will be taken out, and then we’ll get to the end of it. It can be done within 17 months that remains for this administration.”

On how President Buhari is working to improve lives of Nigerians, Adesina said;

“I recall that the president’s Christmas message spoke about, you know, the president working to actually uplift the standard of living of Nigerians.

“And I mean, there will be questions as to how we know that; that is the national development plan 2021 to 2025. But how would you really describe the living standard of the average Nigerian so we can know where we are going? Let’s know where we are. First, how do you describe the living standard of the average Nigerian today?

“Well, we live in a challenged society — challenged politically, challenged security wise, challenged economically. So, that gives you an understanding of what the government is confronting. Government is confronting severe challenges.

“But despite those challenges, it is keeping its head above water. It is doing his best for Nigerians. It may not be what they want; it may not be as good as it has ever been in the days of boom for the country, but then government is keeping its head above the waters.

“Nigerians are also looking into the purpose of government as to make life better for the people at any given time. And that is what this government is out to achieve — to make life better.”