Conduct your electioneering with decorum and avoid setting the county ablaze – Buhari


President Muhammadu Buhari has warned politicians to conduct their electioneering with decorum and avoid setting the county ablaze.
“We have no other country, let us not set it ablaze because of politics,” he told supporters of the governing All Progressives Congress (APC), top party officials and government functionaries, when he kicked off his campaign for re-election in 2019, with the launch of a “Campaign Manual/Next Level document” at the State House Conference Centre, Abuja, yesterday.
“I am not unmindful that the National Assembly and the presidential campaign starts today; I will implore candidates to go about the campaigns peacefully and decently.”
Buhari said his biggest ambition is to overhaul the education sector.
“Every child counts – and simply, whatever it takes to prepare our teachers, curriculum and classrooms to attain the right educational goals that grow our country will be done. We will remodel 10,000 schools every year and retain our teachers to impart science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics using coding, animation, robotics to reinterpret our curriculum.”
He described corruption as an existential threat to Nigeria.
“Despite the gains we have made in closing the gates, we know that there is still much ground to cover to stop the systemic corruption. We are committed to deepening the work we started this first term such that the nation’s assets and resources continue to be organised and utilised to do good for the common man.
“The next four years will be quite significant for our country. Nigeria is faced with a choice to keep building a new Nigeria – making a break from its tainted past, which favoured an opportunistic few.
“Our choices will shape us – our economic security and our future prosperity. Nigeria, more than ever before, needs a stable and people-focused government to move the agenda for our country forward.”
Buhari also stated that his administration has delivered on its three campaign promises of fighting corruption, insecurity and revamping the economy.