COVID-19: I coughed profusely, had high temperature— Azadus


Fans of veteran singer, Azadus were perturbed when the Afro-pop crooner revealed that he contacted the corona virus.

Azadus noted that he was initially treating malaria before he was advised to undergo the COVID-19 test.

According to him:”I was initially treating malaria for about two weeks. Afterwards my doctor advised me to go for a test since the drugs he had placed me on were not making me better. I therefore called the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and went for the (COVID-19) test. The doctors told me that the results would be ready after 72 hours but I told them I couldn’t wait for that long. Physically, they saw me exhibiting all the (COVID-19) symptoms.

“So, I was admitted. I was coughing profusely, I coughed non-stop for like 10 minutes. I had a high temperature, body pains, diarrheal, and other symptoms associated with malaria. In fact, before I went for the test I could cough from 9pm to 6am non-stop. COVID-19 is very deadly and people with underlining health conditions are likely to pack up (die) easily”, he said.

Asked if he was scared while undergoing the ordeal, the ‘You is the one’ sensation said:”I was not scared for a second, but I was emotional at some point. I was emotional because my wife was scared and started crying because of my persistent cough. I couldn’t bear it so I started crying when I saw her in that state. That was the only time that I got emotional. I knew God was going to get me out of it. She also knew that, but she’s human after all”.