Family rejects casket presented by a son-in-law for the burial of his mother-in-law in Benue State.


Somewhere in Wannune, Tarka Local Government of , BENUE state, sons of a deceased mother rejected and threw away a casket presented  by son-in-law for the woman’s burial.

Prince Bishop Isho Semberfa stated on his Facebook profile in a post that  the unnamed family turned down a casket that the son-in-law had brought for the funeral of his mother-in-law in the early hours of today.

According to the TIV custom, the first married female child is obligated to provide a casket for the burial of any deceased parents when a mother or a father passes away.

In order to uphold custom, the first female child attempted to bring the casket shown in the pictures below with the help of her husband, who is the mother’s deceased son-in-law, but was unsuccessful.
Consequently, the casked, according to the deceased’s family, is unattractive and inadequate for burying a member of their family. It is evident that the coffin has been flipped on its side.

What do you think of this?

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