Festus Keyamo called out for allegedly stealing photos to campaign for Buhari, He responds saying it's only an llustration .


Spokesperson of the Buhari Campaign Organization, Festus Keyamo has been called out for allegedly stealing photos from the middle east, which passed on to kickstart a blame game.
Festus Keyamo who claimed that trees grew between rail tracks between 1999-2015, had tweeted;

This is how trees grew in-between rail tracks between 1999 and 2015. Those were the years of ‘Initiation and Started’, when they swallowed all the money but never completed. Now, this is the ‘Completion Era’ as the tracks are beginning to roar back to life.

However a US based Nigerian Professor, Farooq Kperogi who reacted to the claim, wrote;

Buhari’s media aides steal photos from d Net & pass them off as Buhari’s work. APC officially does d same. @fkeyamo, Buhari’s campaign spokesman, has caught the bug. He also stole a photo from the Middle East, passed it off as being from Nigeria and deployed it to tell a lie.

However Festus Keyamo who backtracked on the tweet, wrote;

For those who’re struggling with the English language or who are deliberately mischievous, my reference to the image belowwas nothing but an ILLUSTRATION of my point. Hence my carefully worded tweet ‘this is how trees….’.. I never referred to it as a tree at a particular site

The Buhari Campaign organization spokesperson was also called out over the weekend by a PDP Chieftain, Dr Chima Amadi, over alleged horrible things he did in the past.