“Fighting corruption. Yes, we are slow because the system is slow. It is not Baba that is slow, but it is the system.- President Buhari.


President Muhammadu Buhari opened up on Christmas day why hi critics called him Baba Go Slow, adding that he is not in any way shaken by that description.

While speaking when he received a delegation from the Federal Capital Territory community on a Christmas visit to the Presidential Villa, President Muhammadu Buhari, said on Tuesday that he was not shaken by critics who called him Baba Go Slow.
According to PUNCH, the President who spoke in Abuja, said he was called the name because of his insistence that stolen money must be followed and retrieved, adding that no matter how long it would take, he would retrieve the monies.
Making a specific reference to his 2019 re-election campaign, Buhari stated that the focus had not changed from what the All Progressives Congress outlined in 2015 for that year’s general elections.
The President who is expected to launch his re-election campaign on December 28 in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital, said his campaign focus remained on the tripod of fighting corruption, insecurity and improving the economy.
Buhari said, “The party (APC) nominated me and I will contest. We are watching the Independent National Electoral Commission very seriously and we are going out very soon.
“We will go from geo-political zone to geo-political zone, to remind the people of our promises in 2015. There are three fundamental things. Security comes first, because you have to secure the country before you can govern it.
“Talking about what we have done regarding securing the country, the people of the North-East know better. The three fundamental things we campaigned with are still very relevant.
“On improving the economy, which we are still going to explore, we have done well in agriculture. Those who embraced farming are not regretting it. We have also addressed unemployment and we are very lucky. Through that, we are now attaining food security.”

He added, “The third thing with which we will campaign is the issue of corruption. I told you what I did when I was in uniform. But now when I have to go by this system (democracy), where people have to be arrested and then prosecuted, taken to court and then with evidence, we will collect back what they had taken illegally.
“For doing that, people are calling me Baba Go Slow. I am going slowly, but whatever the case, I will not stop pointing fingers at those who have abused trust by taking money that does not belong to them.
“Fighting corruption. Yes, we are slow because the system is slow. It is not Baba that is slow, but it is the system. So I am going by this system and I hope we will make it.”