Gov Obiano suffers domestic violence as his wife Ebele allegedly fought him dirty in public and tore his shirt over mistress.


Willie Obiano & Wife, Ebele.
According to Precious Eze’s Blog.Willie Obiano is a victim of domestic violence after his wife Ebele  allegedly abused him physically.The blog posted this below 
I had always told everyone around me that the wife of the Governor of Anambra State, Lady Ebele Osodieme Obiano is a very crazy woman whose violence mood is second to none, even as it is consistently obvious that her husband, Willie Obiano seem to be going through huge domestic violence in her hands than can ever be imagined.
Governor Willie Obiano for those who know him, is a man of less words, but the level of humiliation he faces in the hands of the woman, who actually is his second wife after his first died over questionable circumstances is gradually becoming very worrisome and his friends say they are not even allowed to give words of advice, because the wife is seemingly in total control of the man and how he lives his life.
For those who know and see the governor on a regular basis, it is very noticeable that his wife beats him and violets him all the time, as he is carrying a regular black eye that never clears everytime you see him.
The recent outburst of Mrs. Ebelechukwu Obiano shocked people who were present when it happened, as she fought and tore the clothes of the governor at a public function in the state capital, Awka.
It is alleged that a lady friend of the governor whom we gathered the governor is recklessly in love with defiles all odds to attend an event at the state house and on sighting the lady, the wife of the governor went bizarre, went straight to her husband, grabbed him and had his shirt torn to pieces in the presence of state functionaries and guests who came to honour the governor.
Embarrassing moments such as this has become a regular occurrence in the government circle in Ananbra State, as the governor’s wife has vowed to make life unbearable for the governor if she sees him with any other woman, especially  within the circle of government in the state and would embarrass him anytime he messes up around the state.
Which woman would embarrass a state governor after making him pass through domestic violence in the home front, beating and giving him permanent black eyes, and without minding who was watching or the calibre of individuals present at the event, would walk up-to to her husband who is a governor, pounced on him, tearing his shirt and raining curses on both of them in public?
Everyone present at the event, including the governors security details were all shocked, not because of the madness displayed by the wife of the governor, as it has become a recurrent decimal in the state for Mrs. Ebele Obiona to beat her husband, but to bring such madness to the public where individuals of high reputation was, took everyone present aback.
We therefore plead that Governor Willie Obiano speaks out very quickly before his wife kills him or simply reduce or withdraw the powers she enjoys as wife of governor in the state, same way his predecessor, Mr. Peter Obi did.