“How can you do something like this to your own body? BBnaija’s Ka3na slams fan who tattooed her name on her body


Kate ‘Ka3na’ Jones, former Big Brother Nigeria (BBNaija) housemate, has reproached a female fan who had her name tattooed on her thigh.

On Monday, photos and videos of the female fan getting the tattoo with the name ‘Ka3na’ had circulated on social media.

The 26-year-old entrepreneur who was, however, displeased with the action, took to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday to reprimand the lady’s act.

According to her, there are better ways to show love to a celebrity than getting a tattoo of their face or name.

She wondered why anyone would subject their body to such just to show love to a celebrity.

Ka3na called on celebrities who encourage their fans to carry out the act to desist from rewarding them for it.

My Question: Will She Be Proud Of Her Actions Few Years From Now??
I love and appreciate the love and gesture but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m totally against this. I understand she’s young and naive and that’s the only reason I will be reaching out to her. pic.twitter.com/jSlOHOPaVX— KA3NA JONES ⚜️ (@official_ka3na) February 23, 2021

“How can you do something like this to your own body? Tattoo is permanent. If you love me and you are my fan, there are ways you can actually show that by always posting my pictures, always on my comment section, always attending my events, seeing me and taking pictures with me,” she said.

“Not tattoing my name on your body. Guys this is wrong. Celebrities that encourage these fans need to stop. How can you be giving these naive fans money for tattooing your face or name on their body when you know this is really wrong to themselves. What this particular girl did is wrong and I’m not in support of it.

 “Like the other day, I was frowning at a particular video of a lady who tattooed Davido’s kids on her back and I was like what amount of compensation will make you do that to your own body. There are other ways of showing love to celebrities rather than tattooing their name on your skin.”

Reacting to allegations that she initiated the idea, she explained that she was only joking about it.

“Two weeks ago I was catching cruise on my Twitter, saying who can tattoo the boss lady on their body which I meant as a joke. Later that day I did an Instagram live where I said I was just catching cruise and no one should take it seriously,” she added.