How a married pastor accused of being a serial rapist was nabbed after he allegedly raped 19-year-old girl in Anambra


An Anambra state based self acclaimed cleric identified as Emmanuel Nwakozor, has been nabbed in connection to the alleged rape and car-jacking incident in the state
According to reports, he raped a lady and planned to initiate her into his car-jacking syndicate however, he ran out of luck upon being tracked down by the Police with the help of an advocate whom the victim reported the rape incident to.

The unnamed victim painfully opened up to one Queeneth Dominic who was able able to unravel the identity of the rapist pastor through the App True Caller. His Facebook profile was then recovered before the case was reported to the Police however, chances of being able to pin the rape allegation on the Nwakozor might be slim as a result of limited evidence.
Though the victim had only but a cut on her finger, her clothing remained intact, the police team gave their support through a planned call between him and his victim which shed more light to the incident.
It was gathered that during the call, he boasted of his action while speaking with her and then made arrangement for another meeting with her in another part of the state where he planned to take her to Ebonyi State so she could sleep with other men and lace their drinks with drugs before he comes in with his syndicate to steal the victims’ cars.
The “good Samaritan woman” Queeneth Dominic took to her Facebook page and wrote;
Just so you know, he has been caught .
I will give you all details of how everything went down tomorrow.
Indeed Nigeria police can be trusted .
Ejikeme Benedict Ifeanyịchukwu sacrificed his last blood to make sure that this beast you see here will sure face the consequences of his action .
Emma Umeatuegbu I am grateful.
Speak up .
Don’t die in silence .
Another man Ejikeme Benedict Ifeanyịchukwu, who was involved in the case corroborated the story of his arrest:
He raped a girl and I was notified. I swore with my last blood that I must track him. Since Friday, I left everything I was doing and started tracking him. Luckily with the help of Neni divisional policemen, I took him down at Nkpor today
Indeed Police is your friend. When you re raped, speak up but avoid incidence that will promote rape. Queeneth Dominic ibu nnenete Ezenwanyi. Olisa gọzie gị. For my friends calling me all dese while and I was too busy to pick, no vex. Call me tomorrow, I will pick
Emma Umeatuegbu thanks bro for the financial assistance. U re a brother. Nothing fit separate us no even she