How PDP will get Nigeria working again – Peter Obi


The Atiku Abubakar administration will “concentrate on project implementation to a measurable level Nigerians would see, feel and appreciate”, his running mate Peter Obi said yesterday.
The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) vice presidential candidate said the problem with Nigeria was more due to inefficiency in programme implementation rather than policy formulation.
Obi, who spoke during a live interview on Channels TV, said: “This APC government has for long formulated different, beautiful policies, but the problem is with implementation.
“The Atiku Government would concentrate on project implementation to a measurable level Nigerians would see, feel and appreciate.”
On how many megawatts of power Atiku government would add, Obi, who insisted that four years was enough for meaningful improvement in the sector, said there was a clear roadmap that would be discussed in details during longer programmes.
The PDP vice presidential candidate criticised the present government for its lack of proper projects implementation and transparency, saying that the quantum of money already said to have been borrowed did not match the projects that were actually executed.
He added that the problem is not with borrowing, but actually utilising the money borrowed for productive projects rather than in consumption and waste, as rampantly witnessed in Nigeria till today.
“To get Nigeria working again, the inefficiency, incompetence and anti-people policies that have long characterised the APC-led government of Nigeria must be reversed,” Obi said.