How to create an event on facebook app


Facebook can make it simpler for you to invite other people and discuss all of the event’s particulars while you are planning an event. You are able to construct a custom event page with information such as the date, time, location, and other relevant details for your gathering, regardless of whether it is a private event such as a birthday party or open to the public. Additionally, you are able to keep track of who will be attending the event and modify the data as required. Let’s get more familiar with the process of creating a Facebook event on your iPhone or iPad, shall we?

Use the Facebook app for the iPhone to create an event.
You can make changes to an existing event using the Facebook app on your iPhone.
How to Delete or Cancel an Event on Facebook Using Your iOS Device (iPhone or iPad)
You may now add Facebook events to the Calendar app on your iOS device.

Use the Facebook app for the iPhone to create an event.

Launch the Facebook app, then tap the hamburger icon in the top right corner.
Select Events, then hit the Create button.On an iPhone, tap the Hamburger icon, then select Events, and finally tap the Create button.
Creating an event that is going to be held can be done either online or in person. I’m going to go with Online for this.
Now, enter the name of the event, the Start Date, and the time, and then select Privacy can be adjusted according to requirement.Select Option Type Event Name and Tap on Date to Select Date and Then Tap on Time.
Choose the Start Time for the Event, Then Tap on the End Time
Adjust the end time for the event, then tap OK.
After adjusting the privacy settings for the event, tap the Done button in the Facebook app on your iPhone.

The event would be private, meaning that it would only be open to those people who were invited to attend in advance.
When anything is public, it may be accessed by anyone, whether they are logged into Facebook or not.
Friends: This status update will be viewable by all of your friends on Facebook.
You have the option to send the event invitation to any of the groups that you are a member of on Facebook.
After you have tapped the Next button. If you are holding an online event, you will be prompted to select a method by which invitees can participate in your gathering. After making your selection, tap the Next button, and then tap the Next button once more.
Messenger Rooms would provide you the ability to continue talking to one another in a video conversation. On the event page, there will be a link that allows participants to enter the room directly.
Facebook Live: In order for people to watch, we will organize a Facebook Live broadcast specifically for your event.
When you add a link to your website, it will be easier for people to find the location of your event once it begins.
Other: It grants you the ability to provide participation instructions in the event information that you create.
You will then have the opportunity to look over the specifics of the event. It is possible to give a description or some guidelines for the event.
You can send invitations or make changes to the event details from the screen that displays all of the information about your event. To create an event on Facebook for iPhone, add a description and then tap the Next button.

You can make changes to an existing event using the Facebook app on your iPhone.

Launch the Facebook app and select the hamburger menu icon from the menu.
Now, select Events from the menu.
If you tap on the calendar, a list of the events that you are in charge of organizing will appear.
You can change an event by tapping on it, then tapping on Events, selecting Calendar, and then tapping on Created Event on your iPhone.
Now. tap on Edit.

You are going to alter the event’s name, time, and location, as well as add co-hosts and provide other information about the gathering. In addition, you will be able to view the modifications that you have made to the event’s specifics after making them.
Facebook for iPhone users can now edit existing events.
How to Delete or Cancel an Event on Facebook Using Your iOS Device (iPhone or iPad)

Proceed to the event that you’ve established on Facebook.
After selecting the More icon, select the Cancel Event option.
Select Cancel Event or Delete Event.
Choose the option to Confirm.

Cancelling an Event on Facebook Using Your iPhone
Delete Facebook Event on iPhone

Take note that if you delete an event, there is no way to get it back once it has been removed. People will still be able to post even after you have canceled an event; however, you will no longer be allowed to make any modifications to the event itself after you have done so. When you delete an event, everything associated with that event, including any and all posts, will be gone as well.

Aside from these events, editing them and eliminating the same ones also needs to be done. You have the option of importing your Facebook events into the Calendar app on your iOS device.
How to Import Facebook Events into the Calendar App on Your iOS Device

Launch the event from the Facebook app on your device.
Tap on More, and then tap on Add to Calendar inside that. In the Facebook app, tap on More, and then tap on Add to Calendar within that.
You are going to notice a pop-up that informs you the event is going to be added to the calendar on your iPhone. You have the option of adding it to your Family, Home, or Work Gmail account. You can also add it to your iPhone calendar.

That Wraps It Up!