Hulk Hogan Returning to WWE Raw to Honor Mean Gene Okerlund


Hulkamania is about to run wild on ‘Monday Night Raw’ … for the first time in years. 
The WWE legend, Hulk Hogan, will return to ‘Raw’ on Monday to honor his good friend “Mean” Gene Okerlund, who passed away Wednesday morning.
Hulk and Gene were great friends for decades — their interviews were classic. Hulk tweeted about Okerlund after his passing saying the guy was “the best partner I ever had.”
“We never rehearsed or did anything scripted from a writer. Gene would ask me ‘Hey big man what do u want to do?’ I would always answer ‘just follow you brother’ and it worked from 1980 – 2017. RIP my brother HH.”
Unclear exactly how the tribute will play out — but expect it to be emotional. 
As we previously reported, Gene’s health went into decline roughly a month ago when he suffered injuriesdue to a fall at his Florida home. 
He was transferred to a nursing home, but was never able to recover. 
Okerlund passed away Wednesday morning with his wife Jeanne at his side. 
He was 76.