Husband allegedly fails to take wife to Saudi Arabia, prompting woman to drag him to court.


Karima Nuhu, a 45-year-old woman, brought her husband Musa Falalu before a Kaduna, Nigeria, Shari’a Court on Tuesday after he reportedly failed to transport her to Saudi Arabia.
The court was informed by the complainant, who lives in Kaduna’s Rigasa neighborhood, that she was married to Falalu for four years but that just two months of that time were spent with him providing her with food.

He explained to me that while he had lost his job as a driver, he had found another one in Saudi Arabia and promised to take me along. He urged me to have patience.

I had been feeding myself up to this point. Even though I took out a loan for him to pay for the vacation, after he got what he wanted, he filed for divorce from me said her.

According to Nuhu, the only witness she had was God, who would judge them on the last day.

However, the defendant rejected the accusations, claiming they were false.

He claimed to have divorced the complaint before the judge.

Malam Anass Khalifa, the judge who authorized the couple’s divorce, stated that the complainant’s assertions would only be taken seriously if she had really seen the divorce take place.