“I had 21 tumors removed from my uterus” popular Firefighter, Dooshima Dennis speaks on the recent surgery she had .(Pictures)


Popular Female firefighter Dooshima Dennis is presently recuperating from a fibroid surgery she recently had which got her hospitalised and kept her away from the public for some time.

Dooshima shared the video and pictures of the tumors removed from her uterus on her Facebook on Saturday 14th March 2020.According to her, she feels better and ready to have kids .

She wrote

Don’t swipe if you don’t like gross stuff!! Let’s talk pregnancy! Many times when you see a woman posing with her hand on her belly it’s typically about her progress with her pregnancy. Well, I was not pregnant but my uterus was about the size of a 26+ weeks pregnancy. Surprised right? My tummy was hurting then with a sharp pain, heavy bleeding,pelvic pain,frequent urination,bloating protruding belly, depression etc,it always felt tender. I guarded it and felt like my tummy stuck out more than it should. ( hard to tell right😊) My uterus presses on structures like my bladder,my circles became way different,I felt nauseous,dizzy,very fatigued. The ultrasound imaging showed I had multiple fibroids.

Uterine fibroids are non cancerous tumors that usually do nothing but become a significant nuisance to the lives of millions of black women,however I had one that was giving me the symptoms. People like to say hey it doesn’t look that bad or you are still young. It’s not about any of that. There was something inside of me that was slowly clogging the functions of some of my organs,that was the major issue. I couldn’t fit in my clothes. The entire thing was just a nightmare. Also I want to have children in the future and that won’t happen if I didn’t have a surgery now,a lot of women are scared of surgery and turn to take drugs and prayers for shrinkage😊, I was not okay for a while . Even though so many women have fibroids,not everyone talks about it. When I went to the Doctor,I was given an option for Myomectomy. I had 21 tumors removed from my uterus that were so large. I wanted to stand up and dance I know not healthy but that’s how grateful I was. My uterus is doing amazing now. Finally beginning to feel like myself again! It’s been a difficult road getting back and being myself again. Cheers to recovering and shout out to my surgeon DR FACHE and all the beautiful nurses for my clean and badass cut (power) . Today I am happy to say I’m free of fibroid symptoms and feeling better than ever. Am excited to team with El-rapha Hospital, Abuja, to share the story of my journey with fibroids in hopes of spreading awareness and connecting with other women who have struggled. If you are in the same situation as I was,I urge you to check El-rapha. For all the women in the world going through fibroids just know you are not alone. We will get through this and God is forever in control🙏🏼

She is s year older today. Happy Birthday dear. from FabmimiBlog