“I teach people how to make love and enjoy sex” – Seyi Hunter


Sex educator Seyi Hunter disclosed for the first time the reason why she began an adult film business in Nigeria and how she handles her unconventional profession and her religion.

Seyi, who is an actress and also makes pornography movies to teach her viewers the practical aspect of lovemaking, said she began making porn because she enjoys talking about sex and wanted to teach people to have sex properly.

The sex vlogger told LITV: “I teach people how to make love and enjoy sex.”

She said she began with her sex vlog where she speaks about sex, but with time, her viewers started asking to see the practical aspects of what she’s teaching and that’s how she went into making porn videos.

She went on to reveal that contrary to popular opinion, she actually got sexually active very late.

“I was still a virgin up until a few years ago – about 4, 5 years ago,” she said.

She added, ” I wasn’t keeping my virginity for marriage. I was just keeping it for me.”

The Nigerian adult filmmaker said she started the adult film website following encouragement from her vlog viewers and it quickly picked up. This is no surprise, considering how well sex sells.

She went on to talk about the percentage of her viewers who are Nigerians and which continent views her adult content the most. According to her, 40% of her viewers are Arabs, 30% are Nigerians. Americans also make up a huge percentage of her viewers.

As expected, she’s been judged for her lifestyle but she says this doesn’t bother her.

“I don’t give a sh** about what anyone says. If it’s not putting money on my table, who cares?” she said.

She also spoke about her sexual encounters, having sex in clubs, and giving a man a “blowjob” in a club.

Speaking about one sexual adventure she’ll like to try, she said: “I’ve not experienced pegging, I want to do it.”

She also explained in graphic details what pegging means and adds that she has found people willing to try it with her.

She added for clarification: “I’m into BDSM.”

Seyi went on to disclose that she organizes adult parties, sex orgies, BDSM parties and more in Nigeria, and people are applying and paying for it.

Seyi Hunter insists her line of business is completely professional and also a useful one because she creates jobs for people who would otherwise have constituted a nuisance in the community. She adds that her business also spices up marriages and reduces marital issues and dissatisfaction in relationships.

Speaking about her porn actors, Seyi says she gives then as much as 3 months to prepare their minds and think over the decision to appear in her adult movie.

Her goal, she says, is to see her adult website standing side by side with pornhub in the next 5 years.

Seyi also touched on morality, saying that she doesn’t see those who engage in adult movies as fornicators.

She adds that she’s a Christian who goes to “Christ Embassy” church and she doesn’t hide what she does.

She said: “I don’t hide what I do. I’m the kind of person that if, maybe, my pastor calls me to the front of the altar and we’re talking, like, ‘what do you do for a living?’ The truth is, I won’t tell you that I’m a Nollywood actress because that’s not what I’m selling.

“I’ll tell you, I’m into adult entertainment.”

She adds that before the pastor says “Jack Robinson” she’ll tell him the name of her porn website so people can check it out.

She adds: “I’ll have to mention it so that people that’ll hear it will have to go and search and subscribe.”

She says she has no need to hide her work and she will readily mention her business and porn website in church.

She added that she’s been born again “for over 10 years.” She revealed she was in the media group in church but lack of time, due to work, made her less active in church.

When asked if she sees anything wrong with doing what she does as a Christian, she said, “Wallahi, I don’t.”

She went on to speak in tongues during the course of the interview.