Idoma Philanthropist/businessman Benjamin Omale ,honoured by NUJ Kaduna state.


The Nigeria Idoma born business man, philantropist chief (Dr) Benjamin OMALE has recently receives an award from the Nigeria union of journalist kaduna state chapter.

In recognition of his philanthropic gesture and good wills, the Nigeria Union journalists, NUJ, correspondent chapel kaduna state, has given an award of honour to the
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of EDI-JEN Group of companies, Chief Dr. Benjamin Omale.
The motivational Award of Excellence as Philanthropist of the Year 2019/2020, presented to him in his office in kaduna, among other things, is to enable him to do more by touching lives of the less privileged people in the society.

Receving the award, Chief Omale expressed delight and described the award as one the best he has ever received and promised to support Nuj correspondent chapel on their request for office accommodation and means of transportation.

He said ” I’m not surprise that you have such challenges because of your stand on the truth. My company will looked into it and see how we can collaborate with the union on your request.
Chief Omale who was given the award based on merit said, as voice of the voiceless people in the society, he’s not surprised that the Union would have challenges especially because of their stands on the truth in the face of glaring corruptions.

He said even though Journalism is a cherished profession, especially in Western world, corruptions made them and government to be always at conflicts in Nigeria because of their constitutional responsibility of holding governnment acvountable to the people.

Accordibg him, “it’s not possible to be the voice of the voiceless and stand on the truth and be rich in the kind of corrupt system and governoment we have in the Nigeria.
“I am greatly honor and very happy to received your most prestigious award. Journalists everywhere are the voice of the voiceless, they represents and bridge the gap between the authority and the people of this country”, he said.
He also said “I have, for a long time holds high respect for them because, without journalists we cannot just stand up and know what is happening around us and our lives. They speaks the truth and stand for the truth.

Journalists in Nigeria are seem as enemy of government “and therefore they loose their prime right they are supposed to get with the government.
“So, you represent us, where we are voiceless, you voice fir us and that is why i take your case very important one and great Union”, he said.

Dr. Omale said one other things that impressed him most was monetary deemphasized and ability to investigate and gathered information about somebody’s good work in the society from the grassroots even when such personalities have not interacted with them.
“Because i have not seen any of you before, neither interacted with you before, but on your own, you have seen me worthy through your investigation from the grassroot where you got your information concerning me.

Earlier, the Nuj correspondent chapel Chairman Mr Midat Joseph, said the NUJ award is not monetary benefit but for those who have touched the lives of the society positively like chief Omale, “going by the information available to journalists.

The chairman also said the award is part of the lecture and award series organized and given to deserving Nigerians by the chapel, in kaduna state.

The businessman sincerely thanked God Almighty and the correspondent chapel of NUj for bestowing him with the presigeous award, on behalf of his family and his management team