I’m The Boy Used As Tinubu In APC Documentaries”-Donald Duke


“Donald Duke, a former governor of Cross River State, has criticized the All Progressive Congress for utilizing his image to portray Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s early years in a number of movies.

At a recent roundtable hosted by the Front Fort Media Initiative and the MacArthur Foundation in Lagos, Duke shared this shocking finding to editors.

The films, which were broadcast for a while and were also posted on numerous YouTube channels, used a ton of images and videos huge describe the person’s life narrative, political rise, and other events.

And throughout the film, a particular monochromatic image of a young child sitting and holding his fingers together in dark eyeglasses when he was a little lad was referred to as Bola Tinubu.

Duke, however, asserted that the picture of the youngster depicted in the documentaries as “young Tinubu” actually depicts him and not Bola Tinubu as he was shown on television. When he was 12 years old, he claimed to have taken the photograph.

“I’m the boy in the documentary who looks like the image of Bola Tinubu. As opposed to Tinubu, who was claimed in their documentary, I am the boy in the image. In my school years at the Federal Government College Sokoto in the state of Sokoto, the picture was taken when I was 12 years old. says Duke.