In-law, “Your father and siblings have made your widow and children’s lives a leaving hell”- Nigerian woman raises alarm over alleged maltreatment of her sister by her late husband’s family.


A Facebook user has raised alarm over the ill-treatment being metted out on her sister who is a a widow by her late husband’s father.

Ella Hembadoon Gms , share details of the ill-treatment being metted out on her sister and her children in a post … Read below

Beloved In-law,

Barely two weeks after your death and was yet to be buried, your father Atov Emmanuel demanded for your savings account token, do you know your Father estimated five hundred thousand(N500, 000) in total for food items that should be bought for your burial when he couldn’t contribute a dime when you were battling with your life in the hospital.

Are you aware he was very happy that wealthy people will attend your burial and even guessing the amount of money each will give him?
Your father and siblings have made your widow and children lives a leaving hell.

He called your colleague and friend and demanded for what the company have left to give your family, told your colleague to arrange a meeting for him and the manager and also instructed that your wife should not be in the know.

He demanded for your laptop while it was already way billed to your office in Port Harcourt for the company to retrieve valid office documents that were on the system, he was not convinced that it was truly way billed to PH, he insisted that your wife has hidden it, so that he will not be access to your legacies and also vowed that if your wife didn’t return the laptop, he will teach her a lesson.

Your father seized your two plots of land, he also demanded for your alert sim card to be released to him, I had to travel with your wife at night to the village just to deliver the sim card to him.

He also demanded for every other material thing that you left, not minding if you have three children and wife left.

Last week, he was in Port Harcourt to pack everything in your house, he had already demanded for the two cars, The private and commercial car.
The car you bought to ease your children means of transportation and safety to school, was taken last week Tuesday and the commercial vehicle as well.
Your father went with your brothers to PH and collected the vehicles, they where also ready to pack the furniture, before Terhile intervened.
Today, maxwell your son was knocked down by a car while coming back from school😥 and almost lost his life.
The car you bought to ease your children movement and safety was seized by your very own father and this today a car had to knock down your son.😭😭😭😭😭.