Inspiration speaker, Cherrybless has revealed how she battled with depression which left her on oxygen for days. .


Inspiration speaker and Marketing officer Cherrybless Unde  has  revealed how she battled with depression which left her on oxygen for days. This is coming two days  after DJ Xgee reportedly took his own life. Read her narrative..

I know how much depression dealt with me,the last one left me on oxygen for days.  Thank God I’m alive to write this.
During my ordeal the worst people I had to deal with were the humans around me. They felt I had it all so I didn’t have reasons to be depressed. They killed me slowly, everyday,they couldn’t read between the lines .
It was too much to bear.
Till this day as I write this,  being picked up and saved thrice from suicide,  I know one thing for sure that I’m one hell of a lucky cat with nine lives. All glory to God for sending help my way.
The reason why I can write this is because I’m alive.
Looking at the silly write ups and comments  by some brainless urchins all over the place over  the death of the DJ who committed suicide,I’m pained to say the least. What do you know? Why should you get involved in the lives of people you don’t even know? There’s always a deeper side to everything we see.  To think that silly women are attacking the wife of the deceased is still a wonder to me ? Social animals with shitty brains ,why are you people like this? We still have a very long way to go in this country.  I’m thankful that suicide didn’t win over me. I no die sef yet I know wetin my ears done hear, I know wetin my eyes don see.
I am thankful to my Creator that I didn’t die. Only me knows my story, I alone can tell my story. The more reasons why we must win over depression cos this hungry story mongers won’t rest until they spread tales just to have a say in your gist.
The biggest killers of the depressed are the people around them.
If you are dealing with depression, please seek help, seek help in the right places I beg you, seek help. Suicide is not an option it will only create more problems for your loved ones while you are no more.