Intl. Youth Day | BEWIAfrica Charges Youth to Get Involved in National Activities.


In line with World International Youth Day 2020, BEWIAfrica a social enterprise committed to gender empowerments and developments, is urging youth all over the country to be more resilient and get involved in their individual country’s activities positively.

The NGO, which is consistent with its personal ethos and conforms with the tenets of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5, made this known in a media release it issued to mark World Youth Day on August 12.

The Founder and CEO, Florence Bodex Hungbo, hinted that youth should steer clear from violence and embrace true love which breeds togetherness.

Her words, “And most importantly, they should always be each others’ voice in any circumstances as they say ‘youths are the pillars of any nation’. Hence, they should live up to that so as to be ready to lead when leadership finally hits them.”

Although BEWIAfrica is dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship amongst women by mobilising support for women-owned ventures and businesses, children and female students, it has plans for the

“Over the years, BEWIAfrica has encouraged some enterprising women to muster the courage to defy the inhibiting stereotype that prevented female entrance into jobs considered the exclusive preserve of men because of their technical and vigorous nature,”Hungbo noted.

According to her, her NGO is joining the United Nations and the world to identify with the youth. “We would have had a conference to properly address and empower the youth. We, however, are not oblivious of the pandemic and safety measures.

“We want to assure our youth that we haven’t forgotten them and we have very appealing plans set specially for their enhancement,” she assured the youth.