Kiddwaya will use BBNaija platform to impact lives of young Nigerians who desire mentoring and other forms of support.


Nigerians and even the diaspora have expressed diverse opinions on the value of the Big Brother Nigeria (BBN) show that is now in its 5th season. Whilst some speak to the morality of the show, some others feel the resources invested in the show should go into scholarships.

But one thing is certain, based on the numbers of viewers and participation, the show has gone down as the biggest reality show in Nigeria. It is also without a shadow of a doubt, the biggest TV platform to leverage to stardom and celebrity status. It presents almost endless opportunities to all housemates regardless of whether they win or not.

There is no gainsaying that the current season 5 has brought in a new perspective with the entry of one of the contestants! Evidently, the conduct and content brought into the current show by Kiddwaya seems to have changed the perspective and stereotype narrative of this show.

For Kiddwaya, this was his biggest motivation to seek the platform, not for self-edification, but to use the platform to further impact lives of young Nigerians who desire mentoring and other forms of support, especially young acts.

Kiddwaya is passionate about youth empowerment and impacting lives, especially less privileged people. He hasn’t lost traction even with the glamour and fame the show accords him. He has repeatedly said if he wins, he will use a huge chunk of the winning to invest in young artists willing to forge a career in entertainment. This is addition to his campaign against rape – say no to rape – that his NGO is championing. Kidwaya has also promised to use part of his winning to deepen this campaign against rape.

Kiddwaya deeply cherishes women and he makes no pretense about it. His actions in the BBN Lockdown House has demonstrated this sufficiently as he is often seen to protect the ladies in the house and always quick to apologies if he offends any.

Kiddwaya’s humbling nature speaks volume considering his privileged position as most kids in his position would be rude and unruly.

Whilst most people are speaking to his wealth, Kiddwaya doesn’t flaunt that and his wealth doesn’t define him either. He is rather defined by his education and family values. Kidwaya has two Bachelor degrees, a Master’s Degree and he is a business adviser/ investment consultant haven successfully run businesses as an entrepreneur. He is also a fitness enthusiast, a model, a content creator and a philanthropist.

As a model for the younger generation from his attributes outlined above, winning the BBNaija crown for this season will be a befitting affirmation that these attributes of Kiddwaya are indeed, worthy of emulation and commendation.

He needs to be encouraged to do more.

Support this Intelligent, smart, humble, active, determined, focused, diplomatic and calm gentleman.