Kim From Atl Housewives Accused Of Sexualizing 4 Yr Daughter!!! (Disturbing PICS)


Kim Zolciak is being accused of using Photoshop on a picture of her four-year-old daughter Kaia Biermann – to make her nose look smaller and her bottom appear bigger.
An instagram blogger named thegoodthebadandthefake made the claim on Tuesday – and the accusation has caused reverberations all across the Internet.
It all started on Tuesday when Brielle Biermann posted a pic of the 4 year old little girl. Her mother Kim, posted the same pic on her Instagram – but she appears to have photoshopped the pic.
The Instagram blogger posted both pics, Brielle’s original and Kim’s side by side.
According to the blogger, the 40-year-old Atlanta Housewives star used Photoshop in ways that she found inappropriate.
‘This is sick! Kim Zolciak Biermann photoshopped her 4 year old daughter to make her butt look bigger and her nose to look smaller! (sic)’ the caption reads.
Here is a link to the picture in question. Kim is being BLASTED all over social media over the changes she made to the image.