True and genuine leadership is not about manipulating or controlling the people, it’s about the service of the people.

Undoubtedly, our quest for better, purposeful and true leadership in Kwande/Ushongo federal constituency will surely yield a fruitful and positive results this time as we find a very sound, vibrant, energetic, honest and genuine young man, Hon.Terseer Ugbor , who’s aspiring candidate of our dear party All Progressives Congress-APC, for Kwande/Ushongo 2023 polls.

Looking at his tenacity, readiness, and willingness exhibited so far, we’re very confident that when elected, he will deployed his rich wealth of experience, exposure, courage, passion and connection both nationally and internationally to bear on the mandate of Kwande/Ushongo people and make democracy works for his people.

It’s on record that in the history of Kwande/Ushongo federal constituency we have never for once produced the best and youthful house of representatives member but I can reassured us that, it’s not going to be as usual rather it’s time to elect into office the most vibrant, intelligent, hardworking, competent and promising young man who’s equal to the task and ready to take responsibility.

Let’s avoid replicating the mistakes we did in the past and make wise and informed decisions that will better and improved the lives of our downtrodden constituents.

By Kwande Youths !