Living With HIV | Doreen’s touching story.


Being a woman living with HIV is challenging, especially in countries, environments and circumstances that seem to be hostile.Read the story of Doreen.
Good morning  allow me to reintroduce myself:My name is Doreen Moraa Moracha  26 years ago I was born to a HIV discordant couple mum is positive, dad is negative (they are still together)  I am a third born in a family of 5,4 of us are still alive my little brother went to be with the Lord my other 3 siblings are HIV negative. The journey has been good, bad and ugly my doctors gave me just 4 years to live when my parents found out I am HIV positive but 18 years later I am still here going strong dealing with self-stigma, societical stigma, discrimination and rejection but still standing strong today is world AIDS day and the theme is “know your status and get tested” most people fear HIV because they know it is a death sentence well I’m here to prove you wrong I’ve been living positively for 26 years so if it was a death sentence  shouldn’t I be dead already?lets break down the myths and misconceptions let’s stop the stigma, let’s love and appreciate PLWHIV because if you are not infected you are definitely affected. People say I make HIV look easy but it is easy I am not ready to give a small virus power over my life I accepted my status and everyday I declare that I am GREATER THAN HIV. Now go out there take that HIV test or better still go to a pharmacy near you and buy the self test kit and know your status from the comfort of your home. #WorldAIDSday#iamabeautifulstory #iamgreaterthanHIV