Meet Sena Xena: The Tie and dye Queen whose designs caught the attention of Osinbajo’s daughter . .(See Pictures of designs)


In Nigeria and most African countries, having a University degree in the elusive past, guaranteed you a good life. This was so because we had a largely illiterate population and there were many jobs available for those who were literate. Not anymore!

There was an aggressive push for people to be educated and those that were lucky to have had one, occupied juicy positions in government and did have a good life. This too is difficult to have these days.

It is no more news to see university graduates roaming the streets in search of openings that are either not available or overly competitive to get. For some, the hardship has been so much that they have dropped their certificates aside to indulge in menial jobs for survival which pay little, but is enough to keep body and soul together.

Some graduates today regret “wasting” their time on an education instead of learning a trade or vocation. Some have even summoned the courage to go back to the scratch to learn a handwork which is more rewarding today than a certificate.

It is on this note that I introduce a promising young lady who is doing herself, Benue State and the nation proud by not just waiting for a degree to hunt for a white collar job, but has built herself and empowered many more through the creative art of Tie and dye. She goes by the name Senater Folasayo Nyikwagh. A beautiful and gorgeous lady who has wit and penchant for self sufficiency.

Miss Sena (short form of Senater) is still a student of Benue State University and she’s currently studying political science. She describes herself as “A lover of God, family and children..and a sucker for kind people”.

Beautiful Miss Sena comes from a family of artists. Her parents both studied at the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University. Her father who studied Fine Arts, is a painter, art illustrator and specialist in Mosaic Designs while her mother studied Industrial Design; majoring in textiles and specializing in Tie and Dye. Her father is a businessman while her mother is a Fashion and Design lecturer at Akawe Torkula Polytechnic, Makurdi.

Miss Sena gives all credit to her parents and does not hide the influence their chosen professions have on her and her siblings when she says:

“They are the reason for what I have been able to achieve today, when times are hard, our handwork helps us survive. Whenever business wasn’t favourable for my dad, my mum would make Tie-dye works and sell and my siblings and I grew to learn the trade. Most importantly, the opportunity to explore the possibility of doing business with this handwork, my parents allowed me to be me and only guided me so I don’t feel I am alone. So it’s a family thing, we all help each other bring out the best in ourselves”.

Miss Sena built her platform from her mother’s Tie-dye business, which is widely known around Benue state. She is the brain behind Sebatex, a clothing brand and professionals specialized in Tie and Dye.
Sebatex also renovates your old clothes like faded trousers, shirts, uniforms and shoes.

Sebatex is so good at what they do that it recently caught the attention of the daughter of Vice President Kiki Osibanjo, who ordered some of her wonderful fabrics for herself. Sena Xena could not hold her joy as she shared on her personal Facebook account and Sebatex’s official Facebook page.

Miss Sena is also a great human who does not believe in holding her gift and knowledge to herself but is open to giving youngsters the platform to learn the art of Tie and Dye. In her words:

“What are you teaching your kids? What are they using their time for?
They are never too young to learn a trade. I also started when I was in primary school”

It is very clear today that even though a University education is very good, it is very important for us all to learn a trade or have a handwork to fall back on or even live on. Miss Sena Nyikwagh is such an inspiration to young people today and is a good example for all parents to see to it that they don’t just give their children education, but also train them to build themselves through handwork and other vocations.

You can check her out on:
Facebook: Sena Xena
Facebook page: Sebatex
Instagram: @sebatexfashion
Phone: 09064685741
Trust me, you will not be disappointed
Source Vershima Ornguga