Meghan Markle's sister 'bounced by security at Kensington Palace after arriving uninvited.


Samantha Markle, the outspoken half-sister of Meghan, was reportedly turned away from the Duchess’s doorstep after arriving uninvited. 
Samantha, 53, flew in to the UK with the aim of confronting her half-sister but pictures appear to show her being met with a wall of silence after an embarrassing stand-off with palace security.
The move culminated in Samantha, who suffers from MS, handing over a note to Kensington Palace security before buying Royal merchandise. 

Samantha Markle and Meghan are no longer on speaking terms after high-profile bust ups tore the Markle family apart
Bizarre pictures show Samantha clutching a Harry mask that she bought from a souvenir shop after refusing to leave the Royal area.  
Samantha flew in two weeks after palace officials received a letter saying her behaviour would ‘escalate’ if they did not arrange a meeting with the Duchess, according to The Mirror.
It is the latest in a string of high profile public bust-ups with the palace after an on-going family feud involving her half-sister and father, Thomas. 

Samantha, who suffers from MS,  is wheeled away from the Royal residence by her partner after failing to meet Meghan

Samantha clutches a mask from a souvenir stall of her estranged half-sister Meghan and her new husband Harry

Samantha Markle, 54, has criticised Meghan in the past for ‘fake waves and smiles’ and also called Prince Harry a ‘wuss’

Samantha Markle Visits Kensington Palace to hand a letter over to her half sister, Meghan, and looks wowed by trivial masks

Samantha bought cut-outs of Meghan and Harry’s faces after appearing to remonstrate with security at the couple’s residence before settling for handing over a letter for the Duchess 
A source told The Mirror that the fact Meghan’s older sibling was turned away ‘speaks volumes’. 
The source said: ‘The ongoing feud between Meghan, her sister and her father has so far been played out in public interviews and communication across the Atlantic via aides and ­representatives.   
‘This was a huge move on the part of Meghan’s sister to try to see her face to face and the fact she was turned away speaks volumes.
‘This is the closest Meghan has come physically to that side of her family since she married into the royal family but palace staff had clearly been instructed not to allow her access.’

Meghan Markle’s half sister Samantha Markle is also known by as Samantha Grant, she is pictured leaving the front of Harry and Meghan’s residence after a failed attempt to reconcile
Who is Samantha Markle and how is she related to Meghan?
Samantha Grant – also known as Samantha Markle – describes herself as a writer, a mental health counsellor and a ‘blabbermouth’.
She is the half-sister of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex from her father’s first marriage.
A one-time actress and model, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2008 and uses a wheelchair.
Based in Florida, she is 17 years older than Markle and sells jewellery to raise money to fund the feature films she writes.
Twice-divorced, she has three children – Ashleigh, Christopher and Noelle.
Like her father, she once filed for bankruptcy and is estranged from her mother Roslyn – Thomas Markle’s first wife – and brother Thomas Jr.
Samantha, being pushed in a wheelchair by her partner, got closer than ever to Harry and Meghan since their lavish marriage in May but the move is likely to cause further ire from the royal side. 
The timeline of Markle embarrassment moves in peaks and troughs, with the silence likely worrying the palace in regards to what the next Markle move will be. 
In May Thomas Markle sparked a whirlwind of media attention after being exposed for selling pictures to paparazzi before the royal wedding and then giving a tell-all interview to British TV.
In the interview with Good Morning Britain, the 74-year-old leaked details of private conversations with Meghan and Harry before telling US press he felt ‘frozen out’. 
Samantha lashed out at the couple afterwards, calling her 37-year-old half-sister ‘cold’ for ignoring their dad before dubbing her ‘DuchASS’ and her husband Harry a ‘wuss’.   
Samantha first hit out at her famous half-sister after her romance with Prince Harry was revealed, branding her a ‘social climber’ who is ‘not fit to be a royal’.
She then announced that she would release her memoirs and that her sister should prepare herself for some home truths. 
The public spat was accentuated after Samantha did not receive and invite to the royal couple’s May wedding. 

The guard who turned the couple away and an onlooker watch as outspoken Samantha is wheeled away by her partner
 Source DailyMail.Uk