Minimum wage: Senior civil servants threaten total strike over FG’s refusal to pay N30,000


The Oyo State chapter of Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria has threatened that workers in the state will embark on total strike from 2nd January, 2019 if the federal government failed to implement N30,000 minimum wage on or before December 30, 2018.
This decision was made by the members of ASCSN on Wednesday at its annual capacity building lecture and maiden award ceremony.
Chairman of the association, Comrade Babatunde Balogun, said “There will be total paralysis of government activities if the agreement is not reached and implemented by the end of This year”.
Balogun said the intention of ASCSN was “to mobilize workers nation wide, but if that becomes unachievable, Oyo State workers will embark on a total strike until the agreement is reached”.

A human rights activist, Barrister Femi Aborisade, in his presentation at the lecture, urged unions to mobilize against privatisation of public enterprises and ensure that reversal of all privatised enterprises is done.
He said privatization poses as the highest form of corruption in the nation and he encouraged ASCSN members to put their intellectual acumen to work as they fight against corruption.
Aborisade said, “There is a relationship between corruption and poverty. Nigerian citizens are poor because of corruption.”
He lamented that the Buhari-led administration through the Economic Recovery programs has declared war on Nigerians.
Aborisade said, “The economic program of the APC ERPGE is a declaration of war against Nigerian people. They said they will commercialise federal institution. They have started commercialising the health sector.
“The ERPG is nothing but a programme aimed at using public power to dispossess the public of the Commonwealth for the interest of a few who have hijacked power, in a conspiracy, against public good.”
He further stated that public officers should not earn more than ten times the minimum wage inorder to discourage the influx of people with selfish ambitions and to encourage only selfless people with integrity as holders of public offices