#Mixology & #Cocktails start up eBook by Patience Ochoga (Download for free)


In this ebook, the Mixologist walks you through all of this and more about cocktails, and you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started, grow it, and even make money with it, if that’s your goal and passion. In a chat with FabmimiBlog Patience Ochoga stated that her purpose of starting this ebook series is to give back to the society’

“I scribbled an incredibly rich e-book about starting a cocktail business with passion capital that can help people start and run a thriving cocktail business(the tips will not just be relevant to cocktail alone but any other business) that will help as many people as are interested to get value and stay afloat in this our current economy”

“As my way of giving back,
Someone close to you, a student on strike, a mother , friend, associates,. Neighbors ETC will find value.
Please help share. God bless you”.

Ala Ahinya
it is totally free 🥰❤️❤️.

Download the book HERE